Looking for homes in Arlington, but have credit issues!

FHA Back to Work - Extenuating Circumstances Program: Q&A We often have buyers looking for homes in Arlington, but have had credit issues due to the economic downfall from recent years. So we posed this scenario  to Michelle Schmidt at Cobalt Mortgage. She passed on … [Read more...]

Arlington Real Estate, Life after Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Shortsale

- Dealing with a Bankruptcy, Foreclosure or a Short Sale in your past and you want to buy a home?? - Is there any Hope and how long do you need to wait?                                         - Here is what you need to know! We receive many phone inquiries regarding … [Read more...]

Foreclosure Process in Washington State

Windermere Arlington has been helping homeowners avoid losing their homes prior to the housing crash. Unlike some of the real estate sites publishing pre-foreclosure homes for profit, our office believes the misfortunes of our neighbors should not be published. We understand … [Read more...]