A new community by "Grandview Homes" located in Stanwood WA … [Read more...]

Arlington WA Home Prices by NWMLS InfoSparks

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Stanwood Home Prices by NWMLS InfoSparks

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“Our New HomeSpotter App is Ready”

House hunting just got easy! HomeSpotter is a free and beautiful mobile real estate search app with built-in chat that makes collaboration fast, easy, and fun. Click HERE for the free app and information. Every HomeSpotter app features augmented reality technology that … [Read more...]

Luv your new mobile app

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Free Home Warranty

What is a home warranty? The home warranty is a service contract, like an insurance policy, lasting one year and renewable by you or the new owner, which provides repair or replacement of major systems and appliance failures during normal wear and tear. Benefits to Home … [Read more...]

New Rules affecting Home Loans

On October 3rd, new rules will come into affect that will change the way you apply for a home loan. The changes are important, and could extend the time it takes to close on a home loan. The new changes in applying for a home loan are especially important to know when you … [Read more...]

Several Factors that Affect Your Mortgage Rate

Factors that Affect Your Mortgage Rate   The amount of your loan can increase your interest rate if the amount financed exceeds the conforming loan limits established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The conforming loan limit changes at the beginning of each … [Read more...]

House Resale Value

House Resale Value vs Repairs We often run into this scenario in our business, where a buyer, seller, or investor is trying to determine a house value with or without repairs being made. There's an old term used in the real estate business, "Caveat Emptor", Let the buyer … [Read more...]

Pre-Approval or Pre-Qualify

Pre-Approval or Pre-Qualify When starting the home buying process, many people are unaware of the difference between getting a Pre-Approval letter and a Pre-Qualify letter. Many internet lenders will give you a Pre-Qualify letter which is based on your income and debts but … [Read more...]