Getting your home ready for photos

Windermere Arlington prides itself on the quality of home photos. Chances are a prospective buyer will first see your home in a photo. Preparing your home for photos is an important part in getting your home sold.

Start from the Outside

  • If you were a buyer – is it pleasing to the eye? When in doubt:
  • Hide Cars: Make sure no cars are in the driveway or on the curb.
  • Enhance the Entry: Clean off the front porch if necessary.
  • Turn on Lights: Make sure all exterior light bulbs are working and turned on.
  • Spruce up the Landscaping: Make sure the yard is mowed and bushes trimmed.
  • Adjust Windows: Ensure window treatments inside are not distracting from the outside.
  • Clean Up: Pick up any toys, hoses, etc. that may be out in the yard.


Move inside

  • The goal is to make your home look clean, uncluttered, bright, and well-maintained.
  • Ceiling fans, when moving will be blurry in a photo, it’s best to turn them off.
  • Turn on Lights: Replace any light bulbs that aren’t working and make sure they are all turned on, including lamps.
  • Adjust Window Treatments: Adjust your window treatments to hide imperfections (e.g. a neighbor’s home that’s a bit too close) or show off features (e.g. a pool or nice view). Either way, be sure you can still see the blinds or curtains – home buyers like knowing if window treatments are included.
  • Clean House: Make your home sparkle – and let buyers see the home and not your stuff! Hide the clutter, put away the toys, make the beds nicely – sideways pillows and wrinkles in bed covers show in photos, etc.
  • Make Bathrooms look New: Bathrooms are easy to make look nice – just remove all the personal effects, clear your countertops and wipe them down, put up fresh towels, clear out the shower, hide bathroom rugs, etc.
  • Hide Pets: If you have pets, don’t let them show up in a photo – and hide their belongings (e.g. bowls, beds, toys). Some buyers may pass up on your home if they know pets live there.
  • Clear the Fridge: Remove personal items on your refrigerator doors – photos, magnets, menus, etc. In a photo, these items stand out.
  • Hide Trashcans: If you can see a trash can in a room, hide it – especially in the kitchen.